First Coast Flyer Get Hooked

The First Coast Flyer is JTA’s premium bus rapid transit service. The Flyer offers customers a frequent, limited stop, easy and reliable way to get around town. Covering over 44 miles of destination travel, the Flyer connects customers to jobs, businesses and attractions with features as unique as the region it serves.

Flyer Features

High-Frequency & Reliability

Flyer buses arrive every 10 minutes (peak hours) to 15 minutes (non-peak hours).

Simple, Direct Routes

The Flyer connects the North, Southeast, and East areas of Jacksonville with direct connections and frequent service. The Purple Line (Southwest Corridor) will be added in 2020.

Complimentary Wi-Fi & Informational Monitors

Onboard, you’ll love the free Wi-Fi and monitors featuring the latest news and weather. All on a clean, quiet and comfortable ride.

Comfort & Convenience

Most Flyer stations offer multiple benches, a bike rack and a kiosk with real-time bus arrival information. Some locations also feature ticket vending machines (TVMs).

Mobility Hubs

Select Flyer stations — including Rosa Parks Transit Station — will enable you to connect to different modes of transportation, including ride share / taxi, bike share, walking paths and more.

A New Way to Ride

JTA is expanding the First Coast Flyer to reach the Beaches. The newly added East Corridor Red Line connects the Beaches to downtown and the Flyer’s Blue and Green Lines, providing access to FSCJ South Campus, more healthcare, more jobs, more attractions and more opportunities to explore Jacksonville.

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